Car Rentals in Italy and Rome, a Place to Live

Travel Europe in a luxury car. Car rentals are more reliable and affordable than flight booking, too, because you can make sure you are getting the very best car for your holiday. And if you look online, you will find some amazing deals.

Sometimes I think that Europe is in my blood. When I was young, we’d travel by train all the way from London to Brussels, then have a cab hire, take an overnight train to Prague and return by bus to London the next day. (I was 16 years old at the time, remember.) On another occasion, my dad went with me to Switzerland, staying in a hotel instead of the place we were supposed to stay while travelling there with a friend.

So when my dad called me the other day asking if he could come and visit me in Europe, I couldn’t refuse. Europe has been on my “dream” list for some time now, and I know that it is not just because I’m a girl. It’s because I love traveling. When I decided to get my own holiday to Europe, I figured it would be perfect to spend time in a lot of beautiful places. So I looked up car rentals in Greece, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany and booked everything that was available to me.

First I found out what day and season I wanted to travel, and what I wanted to see. Then I visited each country and explored the sights before making my final decision on the car I would rent. Greece seemed like the easiest to book and to plan. The weather in Greece is gorgeous, and the country has some great beaches that are very accessible from my home town of London. Most hotels in Greece are more expensive than what I can afford, so a cheaper deal with a car rental was ideal. Romania is the opposite of Greece. I didn’t want to fly into Bucharest, but since there’s no direct flight to the UK, the nearest airport is a good hour away in Transylvania. So I looked at the best car rentals in Romania and found them on the internet.

Romania is a country where I love the culture and history, and so I had to find out which hotels to stay in, which restaurants to eat at, and which markets to go to. There’s something exciting about Romania that makes it even more interesting to discover! Car rentals in Romania are more expensive than in Greece, but in the summer months the prices tend to drop down to match what you can expect in Greece. Rome is the capital of Italy, and it’s one of the most visited cities in the world. It is also a beautiful city that is a favorite spot for those who love history and architecture.

So, after looking at the many car rentals in Rome, I ended up choosing the Avari car rental in Siena. This small town of less than five thousand people is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. It’s so picturesque that it won the prestigious “Giancarlo Marat Prize” in Architecture in 2020. So I love Italy and Rome, and I can’t wait to visit in September, when the weather is beautiful. I feel lucky that I don’t have to fly in to visit both places, and the flight prices are high, too. In Italy and in Rome, there’s no better place to live.